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Traits and Maps Related Resources

QTL Overview (traits, templates, QTL data sets etc.):

QTL and related resources, including trait terms (ontology). Navigate to other QTL related items such as templates for data submission, downloadable data files, etc.

QTL Search:

QTL search utility. Browse and search all the QTLs available in the database. Search by QTL names, symbols, associated publications.

Marker Assisted Selection (MAS):

A list of traits, compiled from literature, for which MAS has been used. Each MAS page includes detailed information on the trait, commonly used markers with sequence information, genetic lines and allele states, citations, germplasm resources, etc.

Marker Search:

Search for markers.

Maps Overview (map downloads, interactive views, etc.):

An overview of Arachis maps. Interactive CMap views, maps for download.

Maps Search:

Search maps by map name or description, or browse all maps. Includes links to CMap views and map details (parents, population, methods etc.). Also see alternative CMap entry point above, under Maps Overview.