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Catalogs of Peanut Germplasm Collections

The USDA ARS Plant Genetic Resources Conservation Unit (PGRCU) in Griffin, GA (USA) maintains a large Arachis germplasm collection. In 2013 it consisted of 9,321 cultivated peanut and 655 wild species accessions when a large-scale project to comprehensively catalog the peanut core and mini core collection was initiated. During this project, pictures were taken to document unique traits of each accession. The catalog represents the considerable effort from the entire team with the goal of comprehensively cataloging the core collection in its entirety. For more information and credits please look at the Introduction and Acknowledgements sections of the mini core catalog below. (Contributors: Noelle L Anglin, Oswaldo Chavez, Stanley W. Dezern, Lydia Calderon, David L Pinnow, Angie Lewis and Gregory E MacDonald)

Catalog of pictures from the mini core collection:
This is available for download as a single pdf file and also in three parts if you face difficulty in downloading the complete document (300 Mb).
Download as a single pdf file (300 Mb, slow).
Download the catalog in three parts.
part-1 (123 Mb, start to p-50): Contents, 1. Introduction, 2. Acknowledgements, 3. Accessions list by GRIN taxonomy, Sec 3.1.1 PI 152146 to 3.1.47 PI 325943 (Arachis hypogaea).
part-2(115 Mb, p-51 to p-91): sec 3.1.48 PI 331297 to 3.1.88 PI 504614 (Arachis hypogaea).
part-3(70 Mb, p-92 to end): sec 3.2.1 to 3.4.2 (Arachis hypogaea var. fastigiata, var. hypogaea, var. vulgaris) and 4. References.
Details of the sections are in the Contents part of the document.

Catalog of pictures from the core collection:
This pdf file is available in ten parts because of the large size of the single document(2.3Gb).

Parts Sections & pages Accessions

1. Introduction; 2. Acknowledgements; 3. Summary of accessions

Part02: p. 4-79 (3.1.1 to – 3.1.76)

3.1 Arachis hypogaea
PI 118474 to PI 234416

Part03: p. 80-179 (3.1.77 – 3.1.176)
contd. PI 240551 to PI 268647

Part04: p. 180-279 (3.1.177 – 3.1.276)
contd. PI 268654 to PI 278764

Part05: p. 280-379 (3.1.277 – 3.1.376)
contd. PI 279615 to PI 323582

Part06: p. 380–479 (3.1.377 – 3.1.476)
contd. PI 324504 to PI 393525

Part07: p. 480–579 (3.1.477 - 3.1.576)
contd. PI 393641 to PI 476604

Part08: p. 580-659 (3.1.577 - 3.1.656)
contd. PI 476616 to PI 512273

Part09: p. 660-757 (3.2.1 - 3.4.94)
3.2 Arachis hypogaea subsp. fastigiata; 3.3 Arachis hypogaea subsp. fastigiata var. aequatoriana; 3.4 Arachis hypogaea subsp. fastigiata var. fastigiata PI 501280 to PI 502020

Part10: p. 758-811 (3.5.1 - 3.7.14)
3.5 Arachis hypogaea subsp. fastigiata var. vulgaris; 3.6 Arachis hypogaea subsp. hypogaea var. hypogaea; 3.7 Commercial standards; 4. References PI 493942 to PI 670460