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International Peanut Genome Initiative (IPGI)

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The next meeting of the IPGI will be held on Monday, July 9th in Williamsburg, VA at 11:15AM, the day before the annual APRES meeting. The agenda will be posted as soon as it is available.

The International Peanut Genomic Research Initiative (IPGI) works to provide tools to guide the future direction of peanut breeding. The IPGI conducts international conferences (Advances in Arachis Through Genomics and Biotechnology-AAGB) to share research findings that enable three avenues of investigation:

  1. detailed genetic maps of the peanut genome,
  2. development of tools for Marker Assisted Selection,
  3. application of markers and genetic maps in breeding programs.

The Peanut Genome Consortium (PGC) is a coalition of international scientists and stakeholders to guide and implement research conducted in the Peanut Genome Project (PGP), an integral program within the International Peanut Genome initiative (IPGI). Specific PGP goals include:

  1. development of a high quality chromosome scale draft of diploid progenitor species and a tetraploid (cultivated species) reference genome sequence,
  2. high throughput genome and transcriptome characterization of tetraploid, amphidiploid and diploid (progenitor species) genetic resources,
  3. phenotypic trait association with mapped genetic markers,
  4. interactive bioinformatic resources for data curation and analysis.

IPGI and PGC Executive Committee Members PGC/PGP Policies and Procedures Strategic plans Accomplishment reports Peanut Genome Initiative (PGI)/Peanut Genome Consortium (PGC) Meetings
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PGI meeting, Charleston, SC, 13 July (Minutes)
PGC meeting, Atlantic, GA, 7 Dec (Minutes)
PGI meeting, San Antonio, TX, 7 July (Agenda)
PGC meeting, Savannah, GA, 14 Nov (Minutes)
PGC meeting @PAG XXI, Jan 14 (Report)
PGC meeting, Atlanta, GA (Minutes)
PGC meeting @AAGB, Zhengzhou, China, 17 June (Minutes)
PGC meeting @APRES, Young Harris, GA, 8 July (Minutes)
PGC Meeting, Washington DC, 9 Dec (Minutes)
PGC Executive committee, 16 Jan (Report)
PGC Executive committee, 29 Mar (Report)
PGC meeting, Raleigh, NC, 9 July (Minutes)
PGC teleconference, 24 Oct (Report)
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PGP Executive committee teleconference, 7 Jun (Minutes)
PGP Executive committee, Brasilia, BRAZIL, 12 Jun (Minutes)
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IPGI meeting @APRES, San Antonio, TX, 11 July (Minutes)
PGP Executive committee teleconference, 3 Aug (Minutes)
PGP Ad hoc committee teleconference, 25 Aug (Minutes)
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